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Das Möose

"Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth, to see it like it is and to tell it like it is, to find the truth, to speak the truth and live with the truth. That's what we'll do."
-- Richard M. Nixon

Gronda Gronda, my little individual sachets of non-dairy creamer. Welcome to Moose Mansions, my all-new migraine-inducing laughter page. Now with added moose pictures. Product of more than one brain. Warning: may contain nuts.

We apologise for the six-year gap between issues. This is due to a technical fault which forced the editorial staff to spend the entire intervening period lying on the sofa eating catering-size bags of Devilishly Hot Tortillas and watching "Ray Mears' Extreme Survival". Many thanks to the stalwart lads of the Southwark Fire & Civil Defence Authority 'Q Watch' at Peckham Fire Station who eventually managed to free the editor from his sofa with the aid of oxy-acetylene cutting equipment.

Note for freaks: There will be no more 'issues' of Moose Mansions, because I'm too lazy. However, I will be updating the individual titter-inducing pages more regularly than before, making Moose Mansions the premier Internet resource for curmudgeonly faces, unlikely names, celebrity character assassination and so forth. Keep sending stuff in - remember, your input makes the Mansions what it is. Shite.

Please bear in mind that many of these ancient jokes were hand-crafted by primitive tribespeople as long ago as 1998. Due to natural processes, some of these rib-ticklers may have lost their initial hilarity. We apologise in advance for this.

My real identity is cloaked in... a cloak.

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