Implausible Name Scrolls

In 1967 a Bedouin farmer digging in a remote area of the Western Desert in Egypt came across a cave containing an ancient laptop. Excited, he hurried home to burn the laptop to warm up his sickly cattle. If he had of bothered to investigate it, though, it might have contained the following prehistoric web site, believed to be a repository of unlikely and made-up-sounding names compiled by early Christian martyrs, or mooses.

Do you know of anyone with an implausible name? I don't mean things like hairdressers called Mr Bald or dentists called I. Yankem, that's just crap. We want absurd, sapid and recondite names. Send 'em in.

  • According to the excellently-named Futility Closet, a girl was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1379 named Diot Coke. It's not known whether she had a sister named Cherry.
  • Vince writes, "A couple of years ago l interviewed a gentleman named Newley Gay". Classic.

  • The amazingly implausible Ertangabytimurkayayilmaz Üzel, spotted on Facebook.

A recent BBC 'news' story collected a bunch of frankly unconvincing names, including:

  • Justin Case
  • Barb Dwyer
  • Stan Still
  • Terry Bull
  • Paige Turner
  • Mary Christmas
  • Anna Sasin
  • Doug Hole
  • Hazel Nutt
  • Rose Bush
  • Dr Leslie Doctor
  • Dr Thoulton Surgeon
  • Dr Les Plack (a San Francisco dentist)
  • Simon Swindells
  • Daisy Picking
  • Esther Munday
  • Jo King
  • Ivy Plant
  • Bill Badger
  • Penny Bunn
  • Dawn Hobbs
  • Barry Cade
  • Carrie Oakey
  • Priti Manek
  • Tim Burr

I think my favourite must be "Anna Sasin". If you are Anna Sasin, please write in. Some more classics:

  • Jesus Condom. His face looks as sad as yours would if you had that name.
  • Tickle Cock bridge in Castleford, West Yorkshire was in the news recently when the local council tried to change its name to 'Tittle Cott'. Other suggestions which were rejected at the committee stage included 'Titfuck Bridge', 'Suckmecock', and 'Averwank'.
  • Ynke van der Ven-Van Wyngaarden (imagine the Scrabble score for that!)
  • Lexx: The Dark Zone producer Wolfram Tichy
  • Cambridge scientists Immo Trinks and Torsten Krude
  • MacObserver columnist Eolake Stobblehouse
  • Alcue Williams III. I mean just one of them would be startling enough.
  • Lead singer with Shivaree Ambrosia Parsley. It's probably a children's TV reference or something.
  • Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell, quondam member of the appropriately implausible Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band.
  • King's School, Chester alumnus Mathew Supersad. You'd change your name or something, wouldn't you? Keith Supersad has a certain ring to it.
  • Recent Frodsham baptee Aphelia Dick. That one probably dawned on the fond parents about an hour after the ceremony. "Bugger."
  • Possibly Spanish (and it may perfectly well be the Spanish equivalent of, for example, 'Neville') writer Quim Monzo
  • Deceased Oriental Ok Suk Whang, which must have at least given the monumental mason a chuckle

  • Americans seem to be a bunch of Wankers. At least judging by the monstrous stack of comedy monicker submissions I've received, notably including academic Solomon Wank, Buffy crew member Thomas Wanker, and so on and so forth. I've a mind to invite all the Wankers over here to a huge convention in London: "Britain Welcomes American Wankers". On second thoughts that might sound a bit tautological.
  • It's at this time of year that our thoughts turn to Santa, flying all around the world eager to empty his sack over some children's upturned faces. But let's have a look at some of the more amusing places in his itinerary:

    • Bell End, West Midlands
    • Knob Lick, Kentucky
    • Ape's Hole, Somerset
    • Nether Wallop, Hants
    • Sandyballs, Hants
    • Slack Bottom, Yorkshire
    • Myass, Texas
    • Dildo, Newfoundland
    • Slaggyford, Northumberland
    • Fucking, Austria (I've got my doubts about that one though ;)
    • Hell, Norway
    • Big Butte, Saskatchewan
    • Bushygap, Northumbria
    • Vagina, Ukraine
    • Man Fuk Road, Hong Kong
    • Butt Hole Lane, Rossington (nr. Doncaster)
    • Crapstone, Devon

    Obviously laughing at people who live in rather unwisely-named places would be pretty childish. So I want you to contemplate the names above with an expression of grave yet dignified interest, and refrain from tittering.

  • Warehouses and distribution companies provide a fertile herbaceous border for comedy names. David Hershman notes the following customers who have unwittingly provided amusement for himself and his colleagues.

    • Wai Y. Man (say it in a Geordie accent!)
    • Faith Tester
    • Astra Leadbitter (beloved sister of Carlton and Vectra)
  • Moose Mansions' able crime correspondent Phil Brooks writes that a number of people were recently murdered in their house trailer in rural Oregon by a man who, among his other problems, was named Gurly Crumb. It's enough to drive anyone to homicide really.

  • Endurance athlete Topher Gaylord. Priceless.
  • EDS employee Super Jolly
  • Xerox employee Christel Bals. What are some people's parents on?
  • ANC spokesman Tokyo Sexwale
  • Brighton councillor Nimrod Ping
  • Kansas City-based DST Systems employee Barbara Wankum. Brilliant.
  • Jon Milloini's roving eye noted an African gentleman in the current National Geographic named Ambulance Malinga. His mother apparently named him after the vehicle she was taken to hospital in. "Good job she wasn't picked up by a passing sewage truck," adds Jon, "as 'Shit-waggon Malinga' doesn't have the same ring to it."

  • Harvey 'Just Harvey. No names no pack drill.' writes to let me know that two of his colleagues have been presented with long service awards and received a mention in the company newsletter. Well done indeed to Fanny Chow and Angel Colon!

  • Andy Colgan's friend Phil Nutt thinks that it's bad enough his name being Mr P. Nutt. But the fact of his mother being called Hazel Nutt simply adds insult to injury...

  • Florida punk rocker Johnny Turd probably thought he'd pre-empt criticism with his choice of stage name. How wrong he was.
  • Copenhagen police superintendent Flemming Munch will probably spend his life in blissful ignorance of how ludicrous his name sounds to English speakers. Unless anyone can get hold of his phone number.
  • Oxford is a particularly rich area for implausible place names - Marston alone yields Crotch Corner and Jack Straws Lane, while Headington has given the world the delightful Titup Hall Drive. No doubt you can do better. So get name-hunting!
  • Tony Blair's vomiting son Euan was criticised for giving a false name to police, but at least he thought of something more likely than Loubna Abourachild. Thank goodness.
  • A hard-working New York reader compiled a selection of chuckle-worthy names for us which almost beggars belief, if you didn't know they were Americans: Abubakar Gas, David Belches, Fannie Sweat, Helene Lickdyke, John C. Boner, June Bugger, Lillian Flab, Parviz Fartash, Nelson Arse, Rainey Bowels, and Simuel Hardon. I really don't know how New Yorkers get any work done, given that they must spend a significant fraction of each day howling uproariously at the telephone directory.
  • De Montfort University lecturer Howell Istance
  • 'Schindler's List' casting director Lucky Englander
  • The world's most implausibly-staffed company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, contributes yet another chortle-worthy employee, the splendidly unlikely Beat Dick
  • Loath as I am to perpetuate New Scientist's fetish for nominative determinism, I feel compelled to include an example of the inverse effect: director of the Howard League for Penal Reform Francis Crook
  • Bongo de Gilligan, discovered on the Linux-Admin mailing list ("Have you thought about names?" "Yes, we thought if it was a boy we'd call it Bongo")
  • US skateboard and BMX wazzock Byker Sherlock. Perhaps his parents were fond of 'Byker Grove'.
  • Ally McBeal actor Glance Heavenward. Shyeah, right! As if!
  • The small town of Corrimal, New South Wales, is well and truly put on the implausibility map this week with optometrist Ian Swindle and the delightfully-monickered medico Dr. Duck. I'm sure the 'quack' jokes are fast wearying the esteemed Doctor, so please don't send him any. Well, not too many.
  • Author of O'Reilly Perl textbooks Alligator Descartes. Next to him co-author Tim Bunce seems positively pedestrian, doesn't he?
  • You find some strange things looking in DNS authority records. None more so than administrative contact Randy Katz.
  • Yogi Berra, a contributor to an Oracle textbook who now leads a lonely ursine existence in Jellystone National Park with only his friend Booboo and the odd picnic basket for company.
  • Student Elvis Clumberpatch. Please contact us to claim some sort of prize.
  • American firm Buffalo Sanitary Wipers
  • Memorably-named MP Hurtle Lupton
  • BUGTRAQ mailing list contributor Olaf Titz. Stop that sniggering at the back.
  • Curt Custard, resident financial wizard at New York's Dresdner Bank.
  • And yes, there really is a Dr. Death. It's pronounced de-ATH though. And he does not wish to receive any more late night phone calls.
  • A correspondent's friend's housemate rejoices in the name of Sandra Hagger, which unfortunately means her credit cards read 'Ms S.Hagger'. Reaching, I know. You have a go at writing this feature yourself some week. It's no picnic, I can tell you.
  • Recruitment agent Barrington Bent
  • Biology teacher (yes, biology) John Thomas Loins
  • And continuing the theme of people whose names seem vaguely suitable to their jobs (a phenomenon New Scientist has christened, hilariously, 'nominative determinism'), we proudly introduce Dick Banger, cherished employee of 'Balls Are Us' (I warned you)
  • Jordanian IT consultant Imad Hattar. I love that one.
  • Legal expert Gary Slapper, whose definitive The English Legal System contains many interesting cases, none more so than the battery suit involving Mr Ya Ya Pedro. Right on, bro'.
  • Dr Twigs Way, off of TV's 'Lost Gardens'. (Another nominative determinist, I'll warrant.)
  • Finally a pot of gold at the end of the mailbox. A bored employee of a large company which shall remain nameless (though I suspect the following information will be enough to identify it to those involved) spent the day trawling through the company phone book and came up with these little gems: Peter Wank, Randy Pigg, Miri Lifshitz and Elena Lifshits (coincidence? you decide), and Sophie Minger. How people ever get any work done at this place I've no idea.
  • Italian patent examiner E. Coli
  • Power Cable, Nebraska
  • UEL economics graduate Adepupa Shitta
  • British Telecom engineers B Sherunkle and P Ness
  • Ski star Peekaboo Street
  • Cornish owl sanctuary owners (yes, owl sanctuary; wait for it) Tom and Carolyn Screech
  • Surrey schoolboy Wing Yum Man (Wing Man for short of course)
  • Web developer Wankyu Choi
  • AMI Healthcare project manager Fanny Thong. You're right. You couldn't make this stuff up.
  • Texas philanthropist and antique collector Ima Hogg
  • Belgian algebraist Jacques Tits
  • The Pythonesquely-named Lionel Tiger is currently drawing a professorial stipend from Rutgers University
  • Dorset folk have long celebrated the River Piddle in song and story. Mostly with a straight face.
  • Caesar Aloysius Condom (we don't know what he does, but we don't particularly care)
  • And who could resist the lure of American educationist Randy Haddock?
  • Filipino Catholic primate Cardinal J. Sin. I promise you these are real.
  • Terry Dactyl, spokesman for the Nurses' Federation
  • Patrick O'Nions. Makes your eyes water, doesn't it?
  • Glasgow University student Fashial Butts
  • Norwegian software outfit Troll Tech's CEO Ransom Love
  • Tiddy Ogg, famous contributante to the newsgroup
  • Yorkshire footballer Dean Windass
  • Microsoft Research & Development Manager Todd Wanke
  • Amusingly-named places Biddulph,Lower Peeover, Penistone, Shittlington Crag, Grimsargh, and Buffalo Jump Head Smashed In
  • The Smiths sound engineer Grant Showbiz
  • Artist and friend of the Mansions Perite Cunnus
  • Zack Urlocker, Marketing VP (of course) of software company Inprise
  • Clash drummer Tory Crimes
  • Omar Bongo, president of Gabon in Africa
  • Duck-featured Ally McBeal actrix Calista Flockhart
  • Wayne Kitcat, MD of Lloyds Bank Securities Services
  • Actress Amanda Tinkle
  • American academic and computer scientist Olin Shivers
  • Teenage gun psycho Kipling Kinkel, who does have exceedingly good aim
  • The current Mrs. Stephen Hendry, who was formerly known as Mandy Tart
  • Cosmologist Professor Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, who presumably has to have an extra-wide office door
  • Cameroonian footballer Joseph Desire Job
  • Ovrabist Twatt on the Isle of Orkney
  • The delightful village of Greensplat in Cornwall
  • Actors Turk Thrust and Slim Pickens
  • Korea's former UN ambassador Lee Bum Suk. And you're telling me they didn't check with anyone before sending him to the UN?
  • BT employee Andrew Bearwish, who unwittingly nominated himself by writing in
  • Brunel University academic Chris Howls, whose Far Eastern contacts include a professor from Kinki University
  • From the superb film 'Bad Boys', musical supervisor Happy Walters
  • Carlton (yak!) weatherbeing Femi Oke
  • Unlikely footballer Francisco Arce Rolon of Paraguay
  • Actor (they're always actors) Alan Argue, not in the slightest bit famous for his performance in 'Mimic'
  • Tracey Eustration, BBC Unit Manager and possibly a surgical procedure of some kind
  • One of the finest actors ever to take his stage name from an upset Scrabble board, Robert Z'Ddar, star of 'Marching Out of Time'
  • And this week's unlikely place name is Bat & Ball in Kent. Go ye there in homage.
  • And just for a laugh, an implausible company name I spotted while ambling down the Goldhawk Road one fine autumn afternoon: Impact School of Motoring.
  • Beaumont Bacon, presenter of 'America's Dumbest Criminals'
  • American sportsman Dick Trickle. You couldn't make this stuff up. Although I quite often do. Oh what a giveaway.
  • Swiss packing engineer Uli Kitkatt
  • Academics Dr Goss-Custard, bird ecologist, and Spanish medievalist Dr Gybbon-Monypenny
  • Yes, in line with a recent European directive we're opening up the field of competition to place names. This week's entries, from ancient Cymru, are Pant, Mumbles and Splott. Beat that? I'm sure you can.
  • The gentleman recently prosecuted for drunk driving in Croydon, who gave his name as Canute Bacchus. (Between you and me, I've a sneaking suspicion this one is made up.)
  • Soi-disant 'actor' Efrem Zimbalist. Clearly Efrem ran out of imagination when thinking up his stage name and simply upset a Scrabble board.
  • The completely and totally genuine IBM employee Dr Funk. Don't you wish he worked in your office?
  • Paper salesman Jim Clench, which sounds vaguely like Olga Korbut with diarrhoea.
  • 'Bent' is a common enough Swedish name and, by itself, would not merit inclusion. However, the Swedish environmentalist Bent Nippe Highlander is another matter entirely.
  • Actress Victoria Smurfit from BBC1's 'Berkeley Square'
  • Peckham solicitors John Itsagwede & Co.
  • Rusty Vest, a stunt skydiver in the movie 'Drop Zone'
  • Finlay Spratt, erstwhile chairthing of the Northern Ireland Prison Officer's Association, whose name was sent in by his mother Paul Gordon
  • My old chum Graeme nominates Bayer AG employee Horst Muck
  • Milton Worm, a former employee in the CCVE department at Panasonic. Whatever that might be.
  • Actress Eve Ferret, who starred in 'Absolute Beginners', among other not very impressive things.
  • Syndications bankers Pongsak Worayingyong and Dr. Wolfgang Titz
  • Hoot Gibson, star of the slightly implausibly named 1924 film '40-Horse Hawkins'. Probably porno.
  • Felicity Van Runkle, startrix of the equally implausibly named 1973 film 'Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies'.
  • Chuck Biscuits, a disappointingly minor cast member in 'Repo Man'.
  • Professor Tweedie-Waggott of the Cambridge University geology department
  • The national stadium of Switzerland is called the Wankdorf Stadium, implausibly enough
  • UCL folk may like to confirm employee Mr. G. Ali Bungy Poor Fard
  • Cameron White suggests interview candidates Jackie Bollock and Chun Ki Kok
  • Mr Titball, a resident of Leeds (thanks Anthony Mason)
  • Robust actor Brian Blessed
  • Bald outlaw popster Danbert Nobacon
  • That brainless laughing silicone fool Melinda Messenger
  • Dr M Porkolab, editor of the scientific journal Physica A
  • The redoubtable Dave O'Malley calls to your attention the following humorously-named students at Winchester College:
    • Vorachuck Bunthuwong
    • Thuchakorn Vachiramon
    • Edward Jonkler
    • Johan Jeevaratnam
    • Jeffrey Ha
    • Kendrick Kwok
    • Charles Mauleverer
    • Aryo Djojohadikusumo
  • The Right Reverend Boak Jobbins, Dean of Sydney, Australia.
  • Herr Thomas Wank, spokesentity for German motoring organisation OAMTC. Although this is probably quite a common German name and so I wouldn't normally allow it in, the implausibility lies in such a name being appointed to be an official spokesthing. Surely they must check people's names don't mean rude things in other languages before giving them a job like that?
  • Dr Thorneycroft Huxtable, a completely fictional character from the Sherlock Holmes story, 'The Adventure of the Priory School'.
  • African leader Canaan Banana. I know, I know. I don't have time to research these.
  • Religious scholar Dallas Arblaster.
  • The unfortunate Felia Mycock, an ex-pupil of someone's friend's brother... er, yes, they're all like that.
  • Pinball table designer Mike Sickenburger
  • Hibernian media types Gay Byrne, Bibi Baskin, Bunny Carr and Donnacha O'Dooling.
  • Actress Gates McFadden. Gates? Her parents must have been unimaginative farmers, or something.
  • Cookie manufacturer Otis Spunkmeyer. There certainly is something unusual about those cookies.
  • 'Repo Man' stars Zander Schloss, Jennifer Balgobin, Dick Rude, Varnum Honey, Connie Ponce, brothers Herman & Chuck Askerneese, Monona Wali, Cosmo Mata, Con Covert and Rodney Bingenheimer. An honourable mention must go to co-producer Jonathan Wacks, camera operator Stephen Posey and stuntman Harry Wowchuk.
  • US special prosecutor Kent Starr. I mean really. It sounds like someone's secret identity.
  • 'Glengarry Glen Ross' film editors Terilyn Shropshire and Bambi Sickafoose
  • 'Party of 5' production person Merry Tigar. Nice one, Merry.
  • BBC News Housing correspondent Jonty Bloom. Who is a man.
  • Ira Magaziner, President Clinton's special advisor on the Internet.
  • Paul Snowball, General Secretary of the UNIFI trade union (thanks David Lewis)
  • IT services outfit Praxis include among their staff one Egmont Kock, who alarmingly prefers his friends to call him 'Eggy'. His friends must have finely-developed facial muscles. (thanks CD)
  • The cast of the American sci-fi series The Visitor includes: Steve Railsback, Grand L. Bush and Leon Rippy. (submitted by Paul Shanley)
  • CNN's White House correspondent is rather scarily called Wolf Blitzer (submitted by Ashley Grassia)
  • Bill Mechanic, chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment
  • Dr Dick Seed, human cloning scientist, who deserves an extra gold star for having a name that vaguely relates to his profession (well spotted Sue)
  • Martin writes:

    The Research and Development Director of giant pharmaceuticals company SmithKline Beecham is called David U'Pritchard. That is not a typographical error; I think the man deserves respect for so nearly having a very ordinary name indeed, but by the simple insertion of the letter U making it extremely bizarre. Not for him 'David Pritchard.' He clearly read a lot of science fiction as a child.

  • Golfers Domingo Hospital and Diego Ponce
  • Bobsleigh bicyclist (!) Gypsy Tidwell
  • The Swiss football team FC Grasshoppers
  • Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt, co-authors of the 'Duelling Banjos' song
  • Jocelyn Balbag,an accountant
  • Bigboy Maroa, a Nigerian applicant
  • Piotr Semenchuk, a Russian research student
  • Rudolph Doodoo, an engineering student
  • Mehboob Pasta, an English as a Foreign Language student (perhaps not surprisingly)
  • Katie Lips, a fine art student
  • "Arthur" Wai Ping Pong, an engineering student. As if it wasn't bad enough without adding Arthur.
  • Herman Trout, a Media and History student
  • Manchester dentist Perkins Pong
  • University College London employees Ziping Dong and Porncharn Saitongdee
  • Olympic athletes Needy Guims, Trip Schwenk and Whitley Hedgepath
  • Malcolm Door, science teacher
  • Welton Gite, client technology analyst at Paramount Pictures
  • FT columnist Michela Wrong
  • Producer Rebel Penfold-Russell, whose credits include Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  • Director Atom Egoyan, mastermind behind 'A Sweet Hereafter'
  • And, of course, we have to mention the (sadly not) immortal Cubby Broccoli, Bond impresario of legend.
  • Pompous self-styled historian Plantagenet Somerset Fry.
  • Inexcusably chirpy TV chef Ainsley Harriott.
  • Sultana Joy, assistant managertrix at the Bull's Bridge Tesco store in Hayes, Middlesex.
  • Mr Dikshit, a 'friend of a friend's father' in Wheatlands, Hounslow. This one is rather poorly authenticated, but I liked it so much it had to go in anyway.
  • Regional news presenter Claire Frisbee
  • The unfortunate and implausible Miss Slapper, a PR entity at the Corporation of London.
  • Self-styled 'actor' Rip Torn. The most implausible thing about Rip's name is that he chose it himself. Perhaps it means something rather complimentary in Albanian.
  • Implausibly-named duo Mary Nightingale and Saxon Baines, whose cheeky, paint-encrusted faces leer out of Carlton viewers' TV sets every evening during the execrable 'London Tonight'. Next time Saxon Baines is on, take a close look. That isn't real skin. It can't be. Real skin isn't that colour.
  • Cindy Hamburger, a recruitment officer at Michael Page Finance in London. Hi Cindy.
  • U Thant, quondam secretary-general of the United Nations. I mean who decides to call their kid U? Surely only victims of mind-unbalancing drugs.
  • Blanche Necessary - a public relations spokesbeing for the US defence company Raytheon
  • John Wardrobe, recipient of Her Majesty's favour in last years Honours List for services to Association Football for Young People.
  • Troy Gazette, a project manager with Geometric Results (USA) Ltd.
  • TV 'personality' Gay Search
  • Dr Lilo Kanal, a medical practitioner in Brighton (now sadly deceased; rest in peace, Dr Kanal, in the knowledge that your unlikely name continues to give enjoyment to millions).
  • Smoki Bacon-Concannon, a Boston socialite, or so they tell me
  • Flip Spiceland, a weather presenter person on CNN (allegedly).

And just an update on one of our favourite implausible African leaders, Canaan Banana, courtesy of Mike Clifford and the Times:

Canaan Banana, the former president of Zimbabwe, was found guilty of 11 charges of sodomy, attempted sodomy and indecent assault. Godfrey Chidyausiku, a judge at the High court in Harare, also issued a warrant for the arrest of Banana after the state prosecutor said he was seeking political asylum in neighbouring Botswana. Banana, a 62-year-old cleric, has been on bail since September 1997.

I must say that if I'd been sodomised eleven times by a banana, I'd want some kind of legal redress too.

A note to the correspondent who kindly submitted Times journalist Roger Boyes: Unfortunate, but not implausible. Keep trying though. I had to agonise over that one before rejecting it.

Stop Press - Further to last issue's mention of the mysterious Varta Manbat lorries: Tony Blews, the hard-working member of the Moose Mansions Irregulars who originally sent in the Varta Manbat sighting, has dug deeper into the case and discovered that they produce batteries. Tony expresses his disappointment with this rather prosaic answer, and adds that he thought his other suggestion of Long Cox Builders was much funnier. Careful, Tony. Do not question our editorial decisions, on pain of being denied this month's crack ration.


Skateboard and BMX both are famous sports

Skateboard and BMX both are famous sports of US people. They are like to play it for their pastime. Actually exciting and amusing sports are essential for our happiness.
Penny skateboard



oh my word yes

Larry W. Womble.

I wonder what the W stands for? I hope that's Womble too.

Mildly amusing Yorkshire villages

Hampole (near Doncaster) and Weeton (near Harrogate) always raise a chuckle whenever I go through them.

Also, there's an international company called Munters that supplies dehumidifiers and climate control systems. On the front page of their UK site you can, among other things, "view the Munters Movie".

They have company vans, too.

Mr Dikshit...

Just so your readers are aware... Dixit is actually quite a common name in parts of India, but is indeed pronounced Dickshit (or as near as damnit). So the Dikshit spelling is possible. Wonder if this is still monitored as I'm sure I contributed Bob Sherunkle and P Ness from BT circa 1995...

Anyway as I'm here perhaps you might consider:

Ruby Ring - Ex colleague of the wife
Shital Butt - Another old colleague and friend of my wifes. I did mean to get her to ask if any of the family considered the name Ophelia but seemed unlikely given their Indian ancestry.


Re: Mr Dikshit...


I haven't forgotten you...

And had to send another comment after I started on a project with a product manager called Robert Sleigh who *insists* that everyone call him Bob in all forms of communication...

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